Happy Little Update – 1/7/14

Happy New Year, everyone!

We here at Happy Little Guillotine Studios are incredibly excited about 2014.

As it stands, we have four series in development this year, all of which we hope to both shoot and release in 2014. While we can’t really share details yet, we can say that two of the shows are with networks, one is with a large digital company we’re big fans of, and another one is a completely independent buddy comedy we’re doing as a passion project called Will & Lou.

Aside from that, one of our co-owners and our director of photography, Justin Morrison, is coming back from Africa after shooting a documentary on Charles Mulli, and we’re excited to share more news of the film as it comes out.

Finally, we are, as always, pursuing more digital series and branded campaigns and constantly seeking to expand our business. If you, dear reader, are looking for content — you’ve come to the right place! Shoot us an email and let’s make something together!

Thanks for reading and we’ll check in soon!