Happy Little Update – 5/24/13

Hello, all!

We’ve got some news for you.

First up — we’ve updated our reel to include our latest work. Yes, we realize that it’s a bit long right now. Our goal is to actually shoot an HLG Studios “pitch video” (a fun look at what our company does) and then have reels for each category of projects (commercials, series, etc.)  — but for now, while we’re busy with a few other projects, we’re sticking with our long-ish reel. Check it out on our front page and tell us what you think!

Secondly — Pop-Up has wrapped production. The series we’re EPing is looking fantastic so far, and we’re all very excited to see the finished product. We hope to have a teaser trailer up in the next week or two to show everyone.

Finally, we are hard at work on some potentially really exciting things, but we can’t say what those things are yet (the reason is twofold: one, we’re not allowed, and two, we’re terrified of the dreaded-telling-people-jinx that has been ruining projects since the dawn of time) — hopefully we’ll have some announcements in the next several weeks. Hopefully.


And that’s about it for now! Thanks for reading and keep coming back to read our blogs (every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)! Also, feel free to pitch us any blog topic ideas — if you have questions that we can help answer, or just things you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll happily oblige! Thanks everyone!