Happy Little Update – 5/6/13

Hello, all!

Here we go again with another happy little update!

POP-UP the SERIES and more!

We are proud to announce that we are executive producing two new digital series!

On set with Pop-Up for Day #1!

The first is a show called POP-UPsomewhere in Venice Beach, the alley lovingly named Popper Street is home to the strangest of the strange… and two young, smart and neurotic girls running (and living out of) a clothing pop-up van. The duo try their best to survive the strange politics of the world-within-a-world and not end up living on the streets of Los Angeles… even more than they are now.

The show is written and created by Jessa Zarubica and Rachel Morgan — two up-and-coming young writers and actors who we’re very excited to work with.

The second series is still a bit of a secret, but we’re equally excited at the prospect of finding both shows a home.


We have created many, many videos for SAP over the years. This time, the company came to us asking for a trailer for a faux sport’s film that advertises their rapid deployment solutions at the Sapphire One festival. During our preliminary discussion of what the trailer should look like, the client kept mentioning the film MIRACLE as an example. Our solution? Recreate the MIRACLE trailer shot by shot.

We bring you both trailers below — it’s an amusing watch!

Miracle trailer:

And now, the SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions trailer! Do you believe in SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions?! Yes!

We hope you enjoyed watching that as much as we enjoyed making it.

That’s it for now! We hope you’re enjoying our weekly blogs — stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Tuesday!