Tech Tuesday: A Cinema Camera that shoots RAW Video for Under $500!?

Magic Lantern seems to be a on roll these days, and we love it! Very recently they released firmware for the 5D MkIII allowing full RAW video output in live-mode at 24p. And now it seems they’ve created a firmware to shoot RAW video on Canon’s 5 year old 40D and 50D cameras. A camera that you can pick up on Ebay for under $500!

As of now the firmware is still in early development, but Dutchman (not to be called a Netherlandian) Julian Huijbregts got his hands on the software and was able to cleanly pipe out 1592×720 at 24fps on a SanDisk 32GB 95MB/s CF card. Magic Lantern says that full 1080p is not far behind. And judging by the rate they’ve been going at, we’re guessing it wont be long at all.

The jury is still out if the system is perfect. The camera was never meant to record video, so the there is the chance of over heating and you will need to purchase much faster CF cards – which are much more expensive.  But with all that aside, we definitely applaud Magic Lantern for all the work they’re doing. It’s definitely a good time to be a filmmaker!

For more details on the firmware be sure to check out the thread on Magic Lantern’s site!