Tech Tuesday – Hocus Focus

Jib arms, steadicams and car mounts. Until recently, toys like these were only available to filmmakers with an actual budget. However, with the advent of DSLRs and companies like Kessler, PortaJib and Glidecam, gear often reserved for bigger productions is now available at a fraction of the cost.

However, with your camera flying through the action, raising fifteen feet above the ground and racing at 70 miles per hour on the hood of the car, you’re going to need your shot to be in focus. That’s where the Hocus Focus comes in. At $2000 for the entire unit, the wireless focus system is $3000 less than other comparable kits.

We here at HLG have relied on the Hocus Focus for many projects. We’ve used it for the smallest of shoots to walk and talks with Josh Malina on the set of LEAP YEAR. The only issue we’ve ever had? After 3 years of constant use, the remote has finally started to show signs of communication errors with the focus ring. Amazingly, after contacting the manufacturer, we were told to simply send it in and they’d fix the problem, no questions asked. Not even a question about our receipt or a warranty! That’s some good service!

So if you’re in the market for a more affordable follow focus unit, definitely give Hocus Focus a look!