Tech Tuesday – Move Over MoVi

Step aside Bourne Identity fight scenes! Move over seizure inducing Hunger Game action sequences! There’s a new trend emerging in low budget film making – and the trend is smooth. We recently posted an article about MoVi’s new impossible stability device. Using gyros and lots of science, MoVi created a camera stability rig that rivals that of Hollywood’s smooth walking workhorse – the Steadicam. Not only does the MoVi create stunningly smooth shots like the Steadicam, it also managed to come in at around the same price as a Steadicam – about $15,000.

This is where the Defy by Relentless comes into play. At only $1,800, it’s much more attainable to the indi filmmaker. The only downside is that it only works with smaller cameras weighing up to 10lbs. This includes DSLRs, GoPros and the new Black Magic Cinema Pocket Camera. As of now, the only real information can be seen from this demonstration done by Drew at NAB.

As you can see from the demo, it’s a pretty impressive little guy – must be the brushless motors! Unfortunately as of now, that’s the only realy information available on the web. You can check out their site but you’ll only find a lovely street photo set at night with what appears to be a man deciding on which colorful fan he should purchase for his collection. But stay posted and we’ll let you know when any new information on this new product comes out!