Tech Tuesday – Porta-Jib Explorer

There are many tools people use when creating interesting and dynamic shots. A tripod is great for supporting the camera and getting stable footage, but sometimes you need the camera to get up and move. To do this, many filmmakers use tools such as dollies, jib-arms and sliders. These are great things to have as a filmmaker, but unfortunately they don’t come cheap! Fortunately in the early days of HLG Studios, we found a relatively cheap tool that encompasses all those devices. In fact we consider it the Swiss Army Knife in our bag of film gear. This wonderful piece of ingenuity is none other than the Losmandy Porta-Jib Explorer.

Now honestly, the video is a tab bit dull. (go watch Fast 6 if you need some excitement) But it’s amazingly informative. This one device acts as a 6foot slider that can be used at pretty much any level. Thirty feet of track that can used in any direction and dolly wheels with with a unique pivot point that allows smooth and seamless motion. And lastly it can be transformed into a 6ft jib arm. It is officially the the Transformer of film gear!

We’ve used the Porta-Jib for almost all of our productions in some for or another.In fact, during one of HLG’s very early gigs shooting a commercial with Vinny for the Jersey Shore, we put pushed the Porta-Jib the farthest ever! Adding 3ft of extra track to the slider we were able to get a total of 9ft of slide. We then put the entire unit on tracks going in a vertical direction to the slider. Check out the video for a behind the scenes look at us practicing the shot!

So if you’re looking to upgrade your film package and looking for the most bang for your buck, then seriously take a good look at the products coming from Losmandy!