Tech Tuesday – The Smallest Movie Ever Made

We say that we work in a genre called “new media” — but in an ever-changing technological climate, can anything really be new anymore?

This Tech Tuesday we bring you something particularly amazing, made with a mix of technology, nature and filmmaking: the world’s smallest stop-motion film made with, wait for it… individual atoms.

That’s right! If TV’s the small screen, the internet the digital screen, well, scientists at IBM just made something for the bioscreen (copyright 2013). The film, wistfully titled, “A Boy and His Atom” was created by rearranging atoms and magnifying them with a tool called a scanning tunneling microscope.

It took the scientists running the tool 18 hours a day for 10 days straight to cut together the film and what they created is an adorable, mind-boggling bio-film (copyright 2013).

Here it is:

That boy sure loves his atom.

By the way, the real use for the tool that helped create this is data storage and computation. The team recently built a hard drive that can store a bit of data on 12 atoms (does that make your brain explode? Because it makes our brain explode). The end goal? Thumb drives that hold pretty much anything ever made, super powerful computers, Skynet and basically the future as shown in Terminator 2.

We leave you with the making of video of this awesome little film — which is almost as cool as the film itself — with the hope that eventually one of you will make an atom-made talking orange for BioYouTube (copyright 2013).