Throwback Thursday: Jimmy Scotch is Rufio

Jimmy & Jack

Jimmy Scotch: leader of the CAG Army?
Or Jack Sather: leader of C3D?

Back in the ancient days of 2008, HLG Studios went by the name of Late Again Films. It was very quickly we learned that putting the phrase “late again” in our name might not be in our best interest. It was also during that time that we released episode 14 of our very first web series, Break a Leg. It was in that episode that we were introduced to the leader of the Child Actor’s Guild (or CAG) Army; Jimmy Scotch.(who later grew up to become a CEO for a hologram company and Eliza Dushku’s prisoner)

In the world of Break a Leg, the CAG Army is made up of a band of child actors. Some might call them mislead youth and some might even go as far to call them lost boys. So it was a no brainer that Jimmy’s introduction scene would be a shot for shot homage to the Rufio scene from the beautiful and highly underrated, Hook.

Quite possiby our finest work.