Throwback Thursday – The First Film We Ever Shot

People have often remarked that our company operates much like a theater troupe — with us reusing many of our actors and crew for every new project. In fact, the people behind our company have been working together for a very long time. It all started somewhere in 2005, when we decided to produce our very first feature film, titled LIFE NOIR.

For today’s Throwback Thursday, we have a throwback double whammy — not only are we going to show the intro to the film (which was never completed, with sound, particularly, being a godawful mess), we’re also going to link to that video via MySpace.

Yes, it still exists.

Ready?! Here we go.

Life Noir Intros

Break a Leg | Myspace Video

As we said, the film was never finished but soon after we wrapped a MySpace contest asking people to submit a 5 minute sitcom pilot popped up. We grabbed our Life Noir actors and crew and shot a pitch for a little show called BREAK A LEG — which launched the company and made Happy Little Guillotine Studios (then named, rather poorly, Late Again Films) the company it is today.

We are forever grateful to the actors and crew who worked long hours and many, many months to help us complete the film. No one was paid and no one complained — it was the beginning of a very special time for all of us here at the company, and it brings us incredibly joy to be able to continue to work with the people who helped us build what we have today.

Hope you enjoyed!