Viral Vednesday: Kids Say the Darndest Things

Why are kids so much funnier than us? We at HLG Studios like to think that the content we create has a strong comedic backbone — and yet, one child’s quip will put us all to shame. Maybe we all love the completely uncensored nature of a child’s observation. Maybe it’s how it’s adorably almost-adult, but not quite there yet. Or maybe they’re saying all the things we’ve learned to filter.

Whatever the reason, when kids are asked to speak their mind, there’s usually comic gold to be found. AT&T knows this and is definitely reaping the rewards. In their new “Faster is Better” campaign, children are asked very simple (non-branded) questions and are asked to answer in their own words. With only a little help from comedian actor Beck Bennet, the children create some great answers.

Of course, there’s a way to turn the whole kids-being-hilarious-genre on its head with the new series floating around the web, “Conversations with my 2-Year Old.” A hilarious, short sketch, it’s only made better with great acting (major applause the actor David Milchard for pulling of those lines with a straight face!) and quality. This might be our favorite thing we’ve seen in the last week:



Thanks for reading! Go make your child be funny!