WTF Wednesday: Cats

Happy WTF Wednesday everyone!

We here at HLG Studios often get the same request from our clients — can you make our commercial/series/branded spot go viral? To that extent, we’ll be using WTF Wednesday to showcase some of those bizarre, “What did I just see?” viral videos, just to give you a taste of the Internet.

Which, by the way, tastes faintly of peach cobbler.

This WTF Wednesday we bring you several videos that we have all watched in mild horror and fascination. So, if you, as a brand, take anything from watching these, it’s that you need more cats.

Welcome to Kitty City! It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

Next up is stereo skifcha.  Also a bit dated but as pre-Conan TBS used to say about it’s reruns, if you haven’t seen it, then it’s new to you!

stereo skifcha from Denis Borisovich on Vimeo.

And last but definitely not least is Michael. This one is… it’s…  well, just watch it.

Michael from SPACE SHOWER TV on Vimeo.